Goats and gelato down on the farm

Meet Mable.


Mable is one of the mommy goats out at Prairie Fruits Farm (PFF). It’s spring and that means that there are LOTS of baby goats out at the farm. And baby goats mean that the moms are making milk. And from that milk PFF makes delicious cheese and gelato! Nate and I absolutely LOVE their mint gelato – they infuse the goat’s milk with real mint leaves for the freshest-tasting gelato you’ve ever had. It is amazing. Their cheese is pretty awesome too. And for that we say a huge thank you to Mable and her many friends. Image

Speaking of baby goats, they are so adorable! Full of spunk and curiosity.


Hello, friend.


“Shy” isn’t in their vocabulary…


“What are you looking at?”



Even the chickens get a little curious now and then…


Unfortunately, Jack slept the whole time and missed out on it all. The open houses/breakfasts at the farm are done for the year so he’ll have to wait until next year to see the goats. Maybe he’ll even get to enjoy a little gelato too!


2 thoughts on “Goats and gelato down on the farm

  1. Lucy Thomas says:

    Love the pictures of our little Jack. What a fun day for him (?) and Mommy and Daddy. We hope to taste Mabel’s gelato some day ourselves. GGrandmother Lucy

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