Still a peanut…but a little bigger one

We are starting to get into a good routine now.  Jack is sleeping better at night, usually 3 hours between feedings now (4 hours last night!).  He is eating well, too, and has already added a pound to his birth weight, gaining about an ounce a day.  If he keeps this up he’ll surpass his momma before his 5th birthday.

We are finally getting warm days without the crazy winds.  Jack is still a little small for his stroller so we just carry him, which feels kind of strange to just be carrying a baby down the sidewalk in your arms.  No matter where we go people stop to look at him.  We brought him to visit the Dr. at Ashley’s check up and showed him off to the nurses who we saw twice a week for his monitoring visits.  I wondered if he would shudder when he visited the nurse who zapped him with the buzzer to wake him up and get him moving around, but he didn’t.  She was actually our favorite.

We had visits from Grandma Himes and Grandma Roth last week and Grandpa and Grandma Kelson were here yesterday.  Jack loves his Grandparents!

And now for what you really came for…

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2 thoughts on “Still a peanut…but a little bigger one

  1. Cheryl Tolcher says:

    He is just pure perfection! I can’t wait to hold him myself. Do you have enough teeny tiny boy clothes? Just wondering if there’s anything I could be looking for…

    Love you all!

    Aunt Cheryl

    • Nate and Ashley Himes says:

      Hi Aunt Cheryl,

      Jack has a good supply of clothes of all sizes. Hmm…if you come across any children’s books in decent shape he could use more of those, especially the soft, chewy kind. I thought we had a lot but I have already read through them several times.

      I’m sure you can find that “special item” that every little boy needs, like a magnifying glass for melting G.I. Joes or a pile of fake dog poop.


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