Week 1 – Joy!

Our first week of parenting has been filled with joy, even in the presence of physical pain, exhaustion, and some baby blues.  So where’s the joy in all that, right?  Well, it’s everywhere in between.  Ashley is an amazing momma which is not much of a surprise.  What is surprising is how well she has been handling a lack of uninterrupted sleep.  Normally she needs 9 hours of sleep to feel rested and avoid migraines.  Since Jack’s arrival she has not had a single one!  Thank you God for that blessing.  Even more, in addition to pumping or breast feeding every 2-3 hours I often catch her changing Jack’s diapers and washing the pumping parts (my nighttime jobs) in an effort to give me additional sleep.  What an awesome momma and wife!

Jack is still doing great!  He surpassed his birth weight in just a few days (usually takes a couple of weeks after the initial loss in the hospital) and should reach 5 lbs sometime this next week if he keeps up his tremendous appetite.  We are continually in awe of him.  Not just how well he is doing, but his existence, personality, and that we are his parents!  What a great, yet exciting, responsibility.  Saturday night we had our first family night and rented the movie, Courageous, which ended up being surprisingly good and fitting for the occasion.

We continue to receive help along the way and have enjoyed delicious food from Greta Henry, Marilyn Hill, Paven Aujla, Lori Raetzman and Chip Davies, and Derek and Melissa Brashear!  It makes us wonder how anyone parents on their own, especially without a church or support group, and this renews our passion for working and volunteering with Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Centers.

Here’s some more pictures of Jack and some recent visitors

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