Family, Friends and Funny Faces in First Five

It is hard to believe Jack is already 5 days old.  I suppose when days and nights blur together it’s hard to keep track.  Overall, these first five days have been amazing.  Jack is such a wonderful little boy and is making this parenting business relatively easy for us.  He is easily soothed, eats like a champ (now), and is just fun to be around. Now if he could just get his days and nights in order we’d be set, but that really would be too much to ask for.

We have had a lot of help though along way already.  All his grandparents have visited and encouraged us.  Grandma Theresa was with us from Friday until Monday when we made it home and was great at doing anything we needed.  We are looking forward to return visits from all Jack’s Grandparents in the near future.  Great Grandparents Jack (the original) and Lucy Thomas even made the trek down before leaving for Israel.  We also had visits from Auntie Em (Emma Kelson), Uncle Ryan Kelson, Uncle Pat Roth, Nate’s cousin Jenny Felt, Derek and Melissa Brashear (thanks for the Smoothie King and Potbelly!), and nearly the entire Raetzman Lab (Ashley’s coworkers).  The nursing staff kindly ignored us exceeding the # of visitors at a time rule on a few occasions but did not shy away from scolding us later when Ashley was clearly in need of rest and more pain meds.  On Tuesday Aunt Sarah Himes and Aunt Lara Himes spent the day running errands, making dinner, allowing a much needed nap and playing with their new nephew (thank you!!).

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One of our favorite things about Jack so far is his funny faces.  It could be 3:30am, having had only two hours of sleep so far, frustrated after Jack pees on the clothes we just changed, when we cannot help but just laugh at a series of his ridiculous faces.  Our favorite so far, his huge, toothless grin (which initiates the age old debate “what that just gas or is he really smiling, or both?”).

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– Nate, Ashley and Jack


2 thoughts on “Family, Friends and Funny Faces in First Five

  1. Julie Bryant says:

    Oh Ashley and Nate. He is amazing! I am in awe of his little funny faces too! All the happiness and as many opportunities to grab sleep!! Love you sweetie!!

  2. Ashli Brown says:

    Congratulations Himes Family!! Jack is a beautiful little one! Wish we were still around to see him… Sounds like you are enjoying being parents…and it is the best! We are loving it as well, and are only 2 months ahead of you! It just gets better and better! I keep telling myself that some day (night) I will sleep again 🙂 Each day gets us a little closer to that too. Love the pictures, thanks for posting them, and sharing them with everyone! I don’t know if you are this way Ashley, but I love checking up on all the people I know have babies now even more that I have my own! Be blessed you guys!

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