Introducing…our little BOY

Nate and I got quite the surprise a few months ago when we found out that we are going to become parents! We couldn’t be happier! So far things have been going pretty well and up until this past Friday we had been dying to know the gender of our little baby. Several people thought that it was a girl. Interestingly, my sister was the one person who said she thought it was a boy. We had a quick ultrasound on Friday and were thrilled to find out that the little baby growing inside me is, to many people’s surprise, a BOY!

We could see his little heart beating away, his little legs (knees up by his nose), and his sweet little arms with his hands resting back behind his head. He was moving around and was so very sweet. We will get to take another peak at him next week and will hopefully have more fun pictures to share.


We are so blessed.




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